We have made it our task to present communication in change in a simple way!“ This is the guiding principle at JOM.

Project development, planning processes for SME’s as well as for established, global companies.
Under JOM, projects are considered from the beginning. In the economic efficiency and, as it were, in the climate impact.

The content and the process – both have a basis, even the same origin. Claim and effect!
All synergies are identified in this approach, connected across multiple communication channels.

The JOM team advises and supports companies in the use of today’s new tools! Social media for external and internal communication right from the start. Small projects need space with small resources – big projects cast big shadows and always want more, but likewise only as many resources as are actually needed! No more, but effectively!

You are welcome to contact us at any time – we look forward to hearing from you! Just send them a E-Mail or call me directly. Just pick an appointment for the phone call – hier entlang!