30. Mai 2011 LO
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GBDEFRThe “Rhineland-Palatinate day” is one of the biggest cultural events in the region. Many spectators come to visit this event every year.

Since several years the federation of the fire brigade of Rhineland-Palatinate offers an appealing programme for the guests, besides the many other festival stages. Furthermore, the focus of this year’s “Rhineland-Palatinate Day” is the large activity area set up by the police, customs authorities, fire brigade and German Federal Police.

This year’s event was organized in consideration of the climate change. In preparation of the “Rhineland-Palatinate Day”, the hosts made calculations and efforts to reduce the emission of CO2 caused by the construction of a festival stage.

During the opening ceremony, Joachim Ollig handed out a certificate attesting that the construction of the fire brigade’s festival stage has been climate friendly. This is the first festival stage being “climate friendly”.

This emblematic certification aims to achieve the reduction of CO2 emission in the event sector. The certificate is delivered by the Climate Neutral Group NL.

GB -First “climate friendly” festival stage-1ww22759_Certificate

GB -First “climate friendly” festival stage-1ww22759_Certificate


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